PRE-ORDER Zero to Dance Hero (Nintendo Switch™)

PRE-ORDER Zero to Dance Hero (Nintendo Switch™)

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Coming this November to Nintendo Switch!

Learn to Dance from Zero! 

  • Start from the basics with real dance lessons
    Learn dance moves through a series of lessons covering 30 real hip-hop steps, including the down-bounce, the up-bounce, and the wave. By learning each dance in bite-sized stages, even beginners can work their way up to more complex moves with ease!

  • Test your skills in Free Mode!
    The more hands-on Free Mode includes six original choreographed dances in a variety of musical genres. Keep the beat and enjoy the fruits of your training with catchy background music!

  • Many support features to keep you motivated
    Includes a variety of options to ensure you'll never feel overwhelmed or bogged down. Need to get a closer look at some choreography for a more complicated dance move? Change the camera angle to a profile view! Feeling good about what you've accomplished? High-five your instructor, and get some reward stamps!

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