Norn9: Last Era LIMITED EDITION (Nintendo Switch™)

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Limited Edition Includes:

  •  15" x 25" Cloth Poster
  •  Collectible Artbook
  •  Set of 11 vinyl Hiyoko Stickers
  •  3" Acrylic Keychain w/ chibi artwork
  • All in a collectible box

Aksys Online Store Exclusive - 1.25" metal pin of the Norn9 insignia! 

Delve into the fan disk and discover more about Norn and those living on the ship and how they came to be there. Details about their lives and growing up. Lots of content and character information.

Four different sections for hours of enjoyment:
  • Prelude - includes the backstories of how everyone came to be on the ship.
  • Fuga - the original game digest
  • Concerto - the after story
  • Fantasia - the bonus  - where  everyone becomes a chibi! In order to return to actual size you will have to complete a special mission!


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