Zero Escape: 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) - Nintendo DS

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Enter the deadly and mysterious world of the Nonary Game, a malicious exercise in survival where you and your fellow "players" have nine hours to solve a myriad of puzzles, ranging from number theory to deciphering musical notation, or face certain death.

The first entry in the acclaimed Zero Escape series, 999 tells the story of nine unfortunate souls forced to play a game with potentially deadly consequences. Join Junpei as he not only works towards escaping before time runs out, but also tries to uncover the truth behind the malevolently enigmatic masked entity known only as "Zero."

Key Features

Wide Variety of Puzzles: You have only 9 hours before Junpei and his 8 fellow abductees drown. Numerology, music composition and logic puzzles are just a few of the 30+ trials that stand in the way of their freedom. You’ll have to use everything in your environment to get out!

Engrossing Story: Solve the mysteries that cloud your companions’ pasts in order to unveil a disturbing future. Help everyone escape, but beware! A wrong decision or a careless mistake might put their lives in jeopardy. Experience six different endings whose order will depend upon the choices you make!

Challenging Gameplay: Each hostage is cursed with a digital watch that displays their unique number. These numbers are keys to unlocking the 9 doors. Explore your surroundings for clues to unlock the next door by picking up and examining objects you find in each room. Create new tools by combining them to get out of dangerous situations and solve deadly puzzles.

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