Jikandia: The Timeless Land

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From the developers of the cult hit Half-Minute Hero, this hyper-paced action RPG puts you in charge of a group of antagonistic high school students who have been mistakenly summoned by TemTem, the guardian spirit of Jikandia, to save the land from the terror and anarchy that the sudden introduction of horrible monsters and the concept of time have inflicted upon the chronologically-unaware citizens. In Jikandia, you must travel through dungeons in search of your friends. You can set the time limit for each dungeon yourself! Dungeons are altered in several ways according to the time limit you set, so no adventure is the same twice! Activating the “Awakening” mode will make you stronger, faster, and more powerful! Obtain magic orbs to customize your hero’s skills as you wish.

Key Features

Adjustable Time Limit for Dungeons: Set a time limit before entering a dungeon. The setting, enemy types, and number of treasure chests change according to the time limit. In addition, by choosing a higher time limit, you’ll also face more monsters and difficult traps.


Infinite Replay Value: Playing through the game multiple times will unlock additional events. Since the layout and size of each dungeon changes depending on the time set by the player, it’s possible for the player to never have to explore the same dungeon twice.


4-player Coliseum mode: Up to four players can enjoy Jikanda together using the PSP®’s ad-hoc mode. Challenge other players in a wide variety of settings, creating traps and timed events to determine who will emerge from battle victorious.