Deadly Premonition Origins - Collector's Edition (Nintendo Switch™)

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Collector's Edition includes a set of 6 metal pin badges in a collectible case. Also included in this package are 2 collectible postcards of original artwork from Hidetaka “Swery 65” Suehiro's concept notebook.

Exclusive for Aksys customers only is a 13" x 15.5" printed copy of the Greenvale Map! Quantities are limited - only while supplies last!

Welcome back to Greenvale...

Directed by video game industry legend SWERY65 (‘D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die’, ‘The Good Life’), Deadly Premonition has the player guide FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates the identity of the Raincoat Killer. Interact with a roster of eccentric, memorable characters, fight off peculiar paranormal forces, and stare into cups of coffee to solve the case in this legendarily off-the-wall title.

Regularly regarded as an example of ‘games as art’, Deadly Premonition holds the Guinness World Record for the most critically polarizing survival-horror game, cementing its status as a cult classic for the genre.


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