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Choose your platform - PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 system or Nintendo Switch™ - for post-apocalyptic battles!

Challenge fighters from all dimensions with Blazing Strike!

After surviving an apocalyptic event, the remains of human civilization are in disarray. In this dystopian world run by a corrupt and murderous government, a resistance group is ready to stand up for the people. Will they succeed in overthrowing these evil autocrats?

Join the battle to face the strongest fighters in this post-apocalyptic world as they are destined to clash in a long journey to victory.

Key Features:

•   Classic meets Modern: Blazing Strike’s rush system creates a new way to experience a classic 2D fighting game.

•   A Colorful Cast: Select from 14 unique playable fighters and play against 3 hidden bosses.

•   Full Story Mode: Dive into the world of Blazing Strike with extensive story cutscenes, dialogue, missions, and fights.

•   Human vs AI: Train your Persona AI to mimic your fighting style. With trained Persona AI, players can fight a CPU that plays like them, or even have their AI fight online against others.

•   Worldwide Proving Grounds: Play online matches against fighters from around the globe with zero network delay, thanks to GGPO.

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