PRE-ORDER Ed-0: Zombie Uprising (PlayStation®5)

PRE-ORDER Ed-0: Zombie Uprising (PlayStation®5)

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Coming to PlayStation®5 on October 10th!

Rise up against the zombie menace! 

Experience the year 1854 in a fictional Edo-era Japan. Mysterious ships make landfall on the isolationist island, not bringing with them technology and trade, but something much more deadly. With the end of their isolation, a zombie outbreak begins and spreads, infecting the entire population.

While the country is in flames, a select few have managed to maintain their humanity through their immunity to the outbreak. Theses three “Zom-beings” carry the hope of bringing peace back to their homeland with their mysterious evolved powers.

The fate of Japan is in your hands!


  • Enter this world as a Samurai, Sumo Wrestler, or Ninja to slaughter the massive horde of undead.

  • Strengthen your character by gathering items and skills in unique dungeons.

  • Everything is randomly generated each time you play! No run is the same.

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