BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for PlayStation 3

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift inherits all the key features of BB: Calamity Trigger while adding a few twists of its own. Tsubaki, μ-12 and Hazama will join the ranks of the veterans, who will be reborn with additional moves added to their arsenals. With new modes like Beginner Mode and Tutorial Mode, even players new to fighting games can pull off combos like the pros and dive right into the action.


New Beginner, Tutorial, and Challenge Modes: The all-new Beginner Mode was added to allow people new to fighting games to jump right in and perform complex combos just like advanced players. The Tutorial Mode allows novices and pros to practice everything from the basic mechanics unique to BlazBlue to complex and powerful combos. Finally, the Challenge Mode offers advanced players a chance to complete character-specific combo goals and missions.

Become the dominant force in Kagutsuchi via Legion Mode: Defeat the enemy armies positioned at various locations on the city's map to take control of their territory. You can also recruit enemy soldiers to your cause by defeating them in battle.

Brand new characters, stages, music, and moves: BB:CS introduces three new playable characters to the roster; the enigmatic Hazama, the valiant knight of the Zero Squadron Tsubaki Yayoi, and the mysterious μ-12. Each character has their own unique attacks and techniques, and expands an already impressive roster of fighters.

Fight online against the global community: Go online via the PlayStation Network to fight against others players or just sit back and watch while other players duke it out via spectator mode. Players can also chat with opponents while fighting for online supremacy.