Gladiator Begins

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Gladiator Begins is a fighting/action game set in the glory years of the Roman Empire. The player is thrust into the role of a neophyte gladiator trying to work their way up the ranks and eventually earn the money required to buy their freedom. In addition to fighting for their life, players will also have to navigate the treacherous political currents that will destroy the unwary and unobservant. Players can create a truly original fighter, choosing their gender, fighting style and equipment and, by emerging victorious from battle, improve their character's skills, strength, and vitality!

Key Features

Endless Customization: Players can choose from a myriad of fighting styles, equipment types and appearances to create a singularly unique character. There also a number of special skills to learn to make your gladiator an unstoppable force of nature!

Epic Story: Take the role of a nameless gladiator during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, the last of the “Five Good Emperors.” Give your allegiance to one of five powerful patrons (each with their own unique storyline), earn the love and adulation of the common rabble, and eventually earn enough money to buy your freedom.

Limitless Weapon Options: From bare-knuckle brawling to bashing an opponent's head in with their own helmet, if it can be held in your hand it can be wielded as a weapon. Knock off an enemy's armor to open them up for massive damage, and then use the fallen armor pieces to beat them into submission. There are also the usual swords, spears, and such, but why use those when you can pound on a foe with their own codpiece?

Wide Variety of Enemies: In addition to other gladiators who are fighting for their freedom and their lives, you will also go up against some of the most ferocious animals on the planet such as lions and enraged elephants.